Testimonials to BTB's Flexible Adhesive Removal System

BTB have received many testimonials over the years from industry newcomers, seasoned technicians and technicians that have recently changed from using other tools. Below is a selection of testimonials from our archives:

My Brisbane, Australia auto glass replacement business “The FIXER Windscreens” specialises in heavy vehicles & equipment window glass replacement, including encapsulated windscreens, in addition to many everyday domestic cars.

We have been using BTB Tools for over 6 years, which has been and still is an asset to our company, in fact a real contributor to our success.

Why we use BTB:

  • Most effective and highest quality equipment
  • Allows a common system of training to all our technicians 
  • Excellent after sales service 
  • Willingness to listen to customer needs and come up with solutions every time. 

Tools we use:

  • BTB Air Power cut out tool - during my 10 years in this industry I find this tool is second to none, and I have not come across any other tool that can achieve the same results. 
  • Besides their ability to cut from inside or outside a vehicle, BTB’s range of blades are excellent in providing safe and efficient cut out options for all or most cars and truck removals 
  • BTB 12Volt E Tool - where air is not available, this 12 Volt alternative tool not only provides us a common cut-out system, but proving very essential and effective to our mobile operation while still providing a cut-out solution for any type of installation. Being 12 Volt is great but more so that we can connect to our Vehicle battery as an option to its small rechargeable shoulder bag battery. 
  • WK6 Winged Pinchweld Trimmer blades are equally great, and at the same time the solution for us to avoid damaging paintwork on customer’s cars.

Dean Tolhurst – “The Fixer” Windscreens – Ipswich, Qld, Australia

My Smash Repair shop and Auto Glass replacement business has used BTB’s Auto Glass Cut out Tools for many years.

I also service the mining industry, including many large Dump Trucks and machinery having large glasses.

I love BTB’s Air Tool (Heavy Duty) but their new 12 volt E-Tool is great, as it gives me portability (in using the shoulder bag battery) to climb onto machinery to work on elevated glass.

Another E-Tool benefit is that BTB’s Powered Cold Knife Blades can also be pulled backwards, which can’t be done with the air tool. Like cutting along a windscreen A-pillar, where most times the only entry point is at the very bottom, so I simply insert the blade tip at the base of the A Pillar and pull backwards.

In fact, I have found the E-Tool better than the Air Tool for operating BTB’s Powered Cold Knife blades anywhere generally.

Amongst mining vehicles, I replace a lot of Toyota Hilux windscreens and with these I use BTB’s Powered Cold Knife blades around the top & sides and their long flat blades along the bottom. I find that I have the glass cut out by the time it would take to prepare another tool and set it up.

Machinery (and other vehicle) glass is often pressed close to the pinchweld and “BTB blades are the only way to go” as there is very little room for other tools or wire to operate.

I absolutely love BTB’s WK6 Winged Pinchweld Scraper blades and could not go back to previous methods.

Kevin McGee – Niverak Smash Repairs – Cloncurry, Qld, Australia

Your winged WK6 pinchweld scrapers are the best. All my guys use them (8 locations). Just watching them I see a major reduction in pinchweld damage caused by trimming.

Bruce Gates – Gates Brothers Glass – Ohio, USA

BTB's WK6 winged pinchweld scraper blades when used in the WK7 handles work so well it's amazing. I'd have to say in my 22 years of auto glass replacement they're some of best designed and quality tools I've encountered.

J W Alexander – Central Ohio Windshield – USA

I have been preaching for years about the BTB tool and how easy it is to remove bonded glass using the BTB tool. This tool is a Jaguar approved system for glazing and removal of mouldings, both without damage.

The BTB tool will remove all of our bonded glass without damaging the seals, where cheese wire and other methods for screen removal can damage seals and break glass. When BTB was introduced to Jaguar, I demanded that they removed the sixth lite on a current XJ. The BTB tool is the only tool that will remove the glass and chrome without damage.

Ray Hartill – Dealer Competency Development – Body & Paint Training, Jaguar-Land Rover – Coventry, UK

We bought the BTB glass removal tool (WK10HD) at NACE 2005. Since then we have been removing our own glass with ease and not relying on the glass shops to show up so we can pull a quarter glass. Now we can ship the vehicle to the paint shop for painting earlier. We are also getting almost all insurance companies to pay our rate and not glass shop rates for the removal.

This tool is simple and easy and my guys were able to learn with ease. I recommend this product to any bodyshop who would like to keep profits in-house.

Rob Grant – Owner, Vintage Autobody – San Luis Obispo, California, USA

I am strongly impressed with the quality and simplicity of operation of BTB equipment. After initial training and a few hours of practice, we were not only able to perform all expected jobs, but many more. to make use of what I call to be "the wise investment" as well as to make life of my staff easier, I decided to also order some optional blades.

Jerzy Kaleta – JK International – Polska Poludniowa (Southern Poland)

I can't say enough good things about the BTB tool and all of the uses it has around the glass industry alone. I have used just about every cut-out tool on the market and the BTB tool "out-works" them all with less effort and greater ease.

It is truly a tool I will continue to reach for when cutting out and saving tempered glass and laminated windshields. It's easy to use, easy to change blades for different applications and easy on the arms and hands (we all know how important that is!). Try this tool and you won't want to use anything else!

Dan Faulkner – Plymouth MI, USA

We purchased the BTB tool in 1998. Since that time, we have used the tool every day without any problems. We are able to save over 98% of the windows we pull for the body shops so they can make the repairs to the vehicle, and the glass is re-installed.

The BTB tool makes cutting across the bottom of windshields a breeze, without any damage to the dash. In February 2005, our old BTB tool finally wore out. We didn't have to think twice about buying another BTB tool. BTB also repaired our old tool, which is now back in service.

Gene O'Neil – C.J. O'Neil & Co – USA

Having worked in the automotive and auto glass industry for over 20 years, in vehicle building, automotive panel and restoration, auto glazing and as National Technical Support Manager for Windscreens O'Brien, I have seen and experienced many changes and developments within this industry. From the rubber gaskets, where a hook tool and rope were basically all that was required to install windscreens, to a pull knife and clip tool for the butyl jobs.

The stakes were then raised with the introduction of urethane, encapsulated modular glass, complex and expensive mouldings, airbags, and high-tech electrical components like antennas, GPS, head-up displays, wiper sensor units, all incorporated into the manufacturing process of modern automotive glass.

The bonding adhesives and methods have also developed to allow manufacturers to increase the strength of the passenger safety cell, reduce noise and increase their body stiffness to allow for more refined vehicle operating dynamics, including multi rows of adhesive and high modulus non conductive urethane.

During this time the Australian auto glass industry tried to maintain using tools, equipment and techniques designed for the older, basic vehicles. When used on the more complex modern vehicles, they cannot and do not stack up, particularly in the areas of safety, efficiency and customer's expectations (both inside and outside the automotive industry).

Windscreens O'Brien have continually used, trialled and tested many auto glass removal systems and to date, all of which have their downfalls and limitations, therefore reduce their acceptance within this industry. We set some criteria for an auto glass removal system and have established that the BTB auto glass tool provides solutions to the following:

  • Efficient (able to be used by a single auto glazier and heavily reduces physical strain and exertion)
  • Safety, which is paramount for our auto glaziers, in terms of vibration and creates no toxic fumes
  • Reliable with little maintenance and have durable blades which can be re-sharpened quickly
  • Able to handle most applications (95%+ of all vehicles) including encapsulated modular glass
  • Portable application, ability to be used manually and power operated
  • Still viable in the foreseeable future
  • Able to control depth of penetration (to avoid damage to the vehicle and trims)

We have found the Australian made BTB auto glass removal system provides us with a complete, professional kit able to handle auto glass removals, which in the past were non re-usable items. This system, which has been specifically developed for auto glass removal, has a range of blades, depth controller arms and other features, giving the auto glaziers many options when conducting auto glass removals.

BTB and their work with OEMs, along with their commitment to development, gives me confidence that O'Briens will continue as the Australian industry leader in auto glass repair and replacement.

Steve Grech – National Technical Support Manager – O'Brien Glass Industries  – Australia

I have been an auto glazier with Novus Windscreen Repair & Replacement for seven years. I have found the BTB tool to be the tool of the future in auto glazing techniques. I now feel confident that I can remove any glass from any vehicle without damaging the glass or the moulding and have sped up these procedures considerably. An example of this would be replacing half screens on the latest Freightliner trucks. In the past, this has taken 30-40 minutes to cut the glass out, with a lot of physical effort but now, using the BTB tool, I am able to get this glass out with ease in less than 10 minutes with no mess or physical strain. This allows us to lift profitability for our company.

I highly recommend any auto glazier company who wants to enhance workmanship, reduce workshop injuries and increase profits to purchase BTB tools and equipment. I have no doubt that using the BTB tool has made me a more professional auto glazier.

Grant Connelly – Novus New Zealand

Approximately 12 years ago I purchased a BTB glass cut-out tool. The only regret I had afterwards was all the glass cut-out tools I purchased before this one.

I have used my blades over and over again. I start with the WK1-S or WK2-S to reach those hard to get at places such as truck/van dashes that keep getting deeper. The long BTB blades work great for these areas. Next I use the WK4Z-S to cut the sides and top (NOTE: external cutting blades also available). These blades keep on working and keep saving you money over and over again.

I never thought there would be anything better than the BTB tool for cutting out glass, then one day I found out BTB had an even more powerful, less vibration tool for sale (2002+ models). I purchased it and I wouldn't have believed it could be better but is more smooth and powerful. If there was a better tool than the BTB tool I used for 12 years, it is the BTB tool I have now.

I think about all the money I have spent on glass cut-out tools and it makes me mad. If I had only purchased the BTB tool first ... But one thing for sure, by purchasing the BTB tools last, I will always know how great the tool is. A choice I will never forget.

David R. Dyer – Dyer's Auto Glass – USA