BTB Hand & Power Tools Catalogue

BTB Tools Catalogue 2015 - All Pages
BTB's new 2015 Hand and Power Tools catalogue includes new tools across our Auto Glass and Body Shop tools range.

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Cover / Intro / Contents
Powered Cut - Out Tools
Cut - Out Wire & Tools
Knives & Blades
Glass Handling
Caulking Guns
Auto Glass Hand Tools
Storage & Trolleys
Windscreen Repair
Tapes, Films, Uni–Moulds
Clips / Fasteners
Trim & Clip Tools
Protective Equipment
Screwdriver / Torx Sets
Socket Sets & Spanners
Rivet Guns
Lock - Out Kits
Air Tools & Accessories
Spot Drill & Drill Bits
Dent Repair / Clamps
Hammers & Dollies
Panel Supports / Stands
Body Repair Accessories
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