BTB Flexible Adhesive Cutting System Catalogue

BTB Tools Catalogue 2016 - All Pages
BTB's new Flexible Adhesive Cutting System catalogue has grown to 28 pages and includes BTB’s 12 Volt battery powered E-Tool, new spade blades and new version Powered Cold Knife blades.

Click the cover image to the left for to download the full 28 page catalogue [13.0 Mb] or click on the catalogue sections below for individual product information pages.
The BTB Sytem About The System Tool Power Options And Specifications
Tool Kits Auto Glass Mobile 12V E-TOOL Kits
Auto Glass Air Tool Kits
Body Shop Air Tool Kits
Bus Truck And Rail Air Tool Kit
Blades Blade Design Summary
Standard Blades
Spade Blades
Standard Reverse Blades
Safety V Edge Blades
Powered Cold Knife Blades
Pinchweld Trimming Blades
Backfill Removal Blades
Tool And Kit Accessories Blade Cutting Depth Control
Resupply Items