Esprit Windscreen Repair Kit

The Esprit Windscreen repair system is by far our most sold system and is very user friendly compared to other systems. The Esprit system provides a professional chip or crack repair result every time. Dealerships benefit in using your own workshop to control workflow in-house and offers highly profitable glass repairs to both repairer contractors and dealerships.

The Esprit windscreen repair system is approved and/or the preferred glass repair system to many of the leading vehicle manufacturers throughout Europe. Within Australia BTB have many companies and repair networks endorsing and utilising the Esprit Professional repair system as their approved glass repair system exclusively for their glass repair program.

Esprit Inspection Mirror: Swivel the mirror unit out of the way to heat the glass or to inspect during the repair process.
Esprit Elite Pro Bridge: The Elite bridge self levelling ehad provides a fast, accurate, repeatable setup.
Esprit UV Curing Resins: One universal resin for all repairs. Repairs to Australian Standard AS2366.2. Acid Free Resin.

Esprit Glass Heater Unit: The new 12 volt heater is the perfect answer for drying out moisture from stone chip repairs and to warm the glass on mobiel repairs.
Esprit Elite Pro Kit.

Esprit UV Curing Lamp: The new ligherr weight 12V UV lamp has a tough ABS housing.
Esprit Glass Repair Drill: The new 12V drill now has variable speed control. The drill unit includes a 12V cig lighter plug/adaptor and a 12V alligator clip socket adaptor.
Esprit Dual Voltage Adaptor: The Elite Evolution Kit now includes dual power options, with a 240V power adapor and a 12V cig plug.
Esprit LED Inspection Torch.

BTB Support and Stock (in Australia):

BTB Tools stock the range of Esprit products and consumables and back the product with consumable & replacement parts re-supply. As the Authorised agent for Esprit we provide technical training and support.

Elite Evolution Kit Contents:

 Elite Repair Bridge • Glass Drill (updated version) • UV Lamp (updated version) • Heater Unit (new) • 240V / 12V Adaptor (new) • Packaged in Aluminium Case • Elite Inspection Mirror • 4 x Resin Pack Complete • Pit Fill Resin • Pit Fill Polish • Stop Crack Punch • Water Based Gel • 2 x Drill Burrs 1.6mm • 3 x Blue Burrs 1.0mm • Countdown Timer • Box Razor Blades • Green LED Torch • Plastic Curing Sheet • Probe • UV Shield • Training DVD • Training Manual

For All Windscreen Repairs:


Esprit Repair - Star


Esprit Repair - Bullseye


Esprit Repair Crack

Advantages of the Esprit System:

  • The repair system used by leading windscreen repairers worldwide
  • Supported and stocked nationally by BTB
  • Simple, fast, accurate, step-by-step setup
  • Approved to Australian Standard AS/NZS 2366.2–1999 Cat A
  • The repair restores 100% strength for the life of the glass
  • 25 years development behind the Elite Repair Bridge
  • Designed for Leading Mobile Technicians
  • No risk of yellowing
  • One quality UV repair resin for all windscreen repairs
  • Best quality, best value, don’t settle for inferior copies

Consumable & Replacement Parts Re-Ordering:

See the online shop section for a full list of consumables and replacement parts for reorder.

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