Does everything other tools can, and what they can't!

The BTB system has applications for Passenger Car, Bus, Truck, Rail and Industrial maintenance or anywhere urethane bonded glass, panels and components exist.

Auto Glass Removal Applications

BTB Can Cut Below Even The Deepest Dashboard
Easily reach and cut below deep dashboards using BTB's long blades (up to 15" long)
BTB Cutting from Outside the Vehicle
Cut from outside vehicle with BTB's exclusive Powered Cold Knife Blades
BTB Cutting from Inside the Vehicle
Cut from inside vehicle when there is no available external access to cut adhesive


BTB Curved Glass Removal
Flexible blades follow glass contour for curved glass removal
BTB Can Safely Remove Small Quarter Glasses
Easily remove small modular & quarter glasses
BTB Can Safely Remove Encapsulated Glasses
Save encapsulated glasses without damage to mould


Body Shop Moulding & Badge Removal Applications

BTB Can Safely Remove Decorative Mouldings
Recycle long decorative bump strips without damage to moulding or paintwork
BTB Safely Remove Decorative Badges
Save emblems and badges bonded using urethane or double sided tape
BTB Side Moulding Removal In Recessed Panels
Safely remove mouldings in recessed panels


Bus, Train & Commercial Vehicle Applications


The removal of bonded windshields and window glasses from buses, trucks and trains is often difficult and time consuming using other tools.

The BTB removal tool provides a total solution to glass removal from these vehicles and drastically reduces the time spent in removing these glasses. Quite often the BTB tool is the only tool that will reach hidden urethanes or urethane set far back from the edge of the glass.

Often in buses and trains, backfill urethane is used between the glass edge and the body or between two side glasses. The BTB system allows the user to easily remove backfill urethane to provide access to the urethane beads that are actually bonding the glass to the vehicle body.


Easily remove Bus, Truck & Rail Glasses
Reduce effort and removal times for large glasses
BTB Blades for Backfill Removal
Remove backfill between glasses or between panel and glass edge
BTB Blades for Adhesive Bonded Panel Removal
Safely remove adhesive bonded panels from buses and trains

Over recent years, there has been a significant increase in the use of panel bonding in buses and trains, replacing the previous fixing method of riveting. Many other methods of removing these bonded panels for replacement are aggressive and time consuming. BTB’s “V” blades are designed specifically for bonded panel removal, making this task more time and cost efficient.