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One System..

  • Two Power Tool Options

  • Servicing any Industry

  • Any Vehicle

  • Any Glass

  • Any Make and Model

  • Every time

eTool and Airtool

BTB’s unique and patented system has been designed to remove all types of adhesive fitted glass and components. Its speciality is Automotive glass, including those with encapsulated or bonded mouldings and/or where adhesive is difficult to reach or hidden far below the dashboard. Equally it is superior in removing adhesive fitted body panels and side/body mouldings. All without damage to painted panel, glass or component.


The BTB system’s versatility allows you to cut from inside or outside of the vehicle, against the glass surface, or in the case of an encapsulated glass, the reverse R blades will safely cut against the pinchweld or body panel and away from the encapsulation.

Precision and Control

Cutting blade precision and control for both tools comes from their short and fast in-line reciprocal (in-out) stroke, adjustable speed and power, and the adjustable cutting depth controlsystem. The non-aggressive action of both tools also minimises risk of vehicle damage or operator injury. Force is eliminated and expensive undamaged glasses and mouldings can be re-used.

Two Power Tool Options

BTB’s renowned Air Powered Tool or our new 12 Volt Battery Powered E‑Tool.

Intelligent Design

All blades can be used in the BTB Air Tool or the E-Tool and can also be used in BTB’s manual handles.

– Blades can be quickly interchanged in less than 10 seconds.

– The controller cap on both power tools is made from nylon, designed to rest on the glass while cutting from inside the vehicle, correctly aligning the blade and avoiding scratching glass or painted panels.

– Both power tools also operate as a very powerful and effective power air body saw.

Low Hand - Arm Vibration (HAV)

Both the Air Powered Tool and 12 Volt Battery Powered E‑Tool conform to ISO5349, ISO8662 and CE standards.

Quality Manufacture by BTB

Both the Air Powered Tool and 12 Volt Battery Powered E-Tool are unique, custom built tools providing quality, power, precision and low vibration. They are small, compact, light-weight and user-friendly, with proven reliability and long life, requiring minimal maintenance.

Training Package & User Manuals

Every and Air Tool comes with a detailed User Manual and access to online Training Videos, providing excellent and valuable guidelines, E‑Tool hints and tips for most cut-out and glass types. A level of skill and proficiency quickly develops from applying the system to a range of cut-out applications.

Tool Kits & Individual Components

BTB offer a range of industry-specific tool kits. Also any power tool, blade, or tool kit accessory can be purchased separately.