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BTB WK10HD Air Tool User Manual

BTB E-Tool User Manual

Common Questions & Answers (Before You Buy)

Which Blade do I Use? (Quick Reference)

Hints and Tips

WK6 Pinchweld Trimming Blade Factsheet

WK27 and WK28 (Powered Cold Knife) Blade Usage

WK18 & WK19 Spade Blade Factsheet

WK17 Backfill Removal Blade Instructions

Using a Cutting Lubricant

BTB Bus, Truck and Rail Glass Removal Guidelines

BTB WK10HD Spare Parts List

BTB WK10HD CE Declaration of Conformity

BTB Blade Selection Chart

Blade Selectcion & Cut Out Planning

E-Tool Power Supply Options

BTB Auto Glass Tools, Kits and Blades Presentation

Health & Safety and Hand/Arm Vibration (H.A.V.)

More info on the BTB system’s HAV properties.

The BTB tool weighs only 1.1Kg (2.4Lb) and produces very low vibration levels compared to many other power tools currently being used for auto glass removal.

As well as the unique features and performance of the BTB tool, BTB’s H.A.V. rating is one of the main reasons that the BTB tool is being chosen over other tools. Short-term benefits include less operator fatigue while also avoiding the long-term malady of Reynaud’s Disease, also known as White Finger Syndrome.

Occupational Health & Safety and Hand/Arm Vibration (H.A.V.) are no longer just the concern of the safety committees in larger organisations. They affect every technician using power tools in every sector of industry. For years, industry has used tools that often produce high levels of HAV but with little or no regulatory system in place in most countries, little was done about it.

This has all changed in recent years. The European Union has introduced legislation to regulate the amount of vibration exposure that workers are allowed over a given period of time from the use of power tools. It won’t be long before other countries will need to follow suit.

BTB Departmental Vibration Comparison

Health and Safety Executive (UK)

Health and Safety Executive (UK) Vibration Calculator

European Union Vibration Directive

US Dept. of Labor Occupational Safety & Health Administration