Safety Edge Blades

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As with the YELLOW and ORANGE blades, the flat side of these blades also steer toward the glass or panel. However, BTB’s exclusive ‘V’ (GREEN) & ‘VR’ (BLUE) blades have the cutting edge suspended a small distance away from the flat surface to avoid potential damage to the painted surface or softer material panels (aluminium, fibreglass, polycarbonates). These surfaces are not flat and hard like glass, and often have high or low areas (panel joins, lap-overs or spot-welds). Like all BTB blades, the operator must select the blade that will allow the flat side of the cutting tip to face and hug the surface that you want to cut against.



The ‘V’ GREEN label WK24ZV-S, WK24ZV (flexible) blades are a safety edge version of their equivalent YELLOW blades. They cut with the flat side against the glass.

The ‘VR’ BLUE label WK4ZVR-S (rigid) and WK24ZVR-S (flexible) blades are a safety edge version of their equivalent ‘R’ ORANGE blades. See Reverse ‘R’ Blades For Encapsulated and /or Exposed Edge Glass on page 17. They will safely remove undamaged encapsulated glass without scratching paintwork while still cutting close to the pinchweld. BLUE blades should be introduced into the adhesive with the flat side against the pinchweld.

Part Numbering

Safety Edge blades have a ‘V’ in their part number to identify them as Safety Edge Blades. eg. WK4ZV-S, WK24ZVR-S.

TIP: Non-Serrated blades can also remove body side mouldings, emblems, decals and nameplates.