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Air Tool Repairs

If your BTB Air Tool needs a repair, there are a few options available to you. You can order spare parts for the tool through our BTB Distributors, or you can contact the nearest repair agent to have the repairs done. For warranty purposes, we recommend that you use an authorised repair agent.

Spare parts for the BTB Air Tool are listed in our BTB Air Tool Spare Parts List and can be ordered through our BTB Distributors.

E-Tool 12V Tool Repairs

Due the complexity of the internal components of the E-Tool, all E-Tool repairs are carried out by BTB Tools. Please contact us direct.

Authorised Repair Agents

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BTB provides our warranty from your date of purchase and is subject to valid proof of purchase. BTB, its distributors and/or its authorised repair agents reserve the right to refuse any claim where the purchase date cannot be verified.

Any part found to be defective in material or workmanship within its listed warranty period will be repaired or replaced at BTB’s discretion.

This warranty does NOT cover fault and/or damage caused by foreign objects or contamination entering the power tool, neglect, lack of/incorrect lubrication, evidence of abuse, overloading and/or overheating, any modification, or every-day wear and tear.

There is no warranty on blades due to the volatile nature of their use.

When returning a tool for service or repair, send the tool, freight prepaid, to your BTB supplier or authorised BTB repair agent. Please include your contact details and the reason for returning the tool, noting any symptoms.

E-Tool Tool Warranty

E-Tools have a warranty period as follows:

  • E-Tool Mechanism, Electronics & Other Accessories : 1 year
  • Battery: 3 months

The E-Tool incorporates a diagnostic feature where BTB and BTB’s authorised repair agents will both be able to determine abuse or overloading of the tool.

Please review section 3 Troubleshooting (page 13) of the E-Tool manual prior to returning for repair.  Section 1.6 Power Tool Maintenance (page 5) of the E-Tool manual also provides some guidelines which will help extend the life of the tool.

Air-Tool Tool Warranty

BTB Air-Tools have a warranty period as follows:

  • Air-Tool and other accessories: 2 years.

Please review the Maintenance Hints & Tips page of the BTB WK10HD Air Tool User Manual prior to returning for repair.