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Battery Powered or Air Powered?

Both versions of the power tool:

  • use the same blade cutting depth control arms

  • have low noise and vibration levels

  • have precise & powerful cutting performance

  •  are compact and lightweight

  • use the same blades and accessories

  • available in industry-specific tool kits

BTB E-TOOL 12V Power Options

The 12 Volt Battery Powered is specifically designed for Mobile Installations.

Along with its total portability, the E-Tool:

  • has a faster and shorter stroke, eliminating hot blades and smoke, also avoiding kickback from incidental blade contact.
  • allows Power Cold Knife blades to also be pulled backwards (eg. Up an ‘A’ pillar).
BTB Tools

The BTB E-Tool is available with a small portable 12 volt battery pack, however you can use your own 12 volt power supply.

BTB’s Shoulder Battery Pack

6 Ah Battery
6 to 8 cut‑outs

12V Carry Pack
or Vehicle Battery

12 to 40 Ah Battery
15 to 40 cut-outs

Mobile Vehicle
12V Battery

Continuous re‑charging
Unlimited cut‑outs

An AC Transformer

Unlimited 12V power
Unlimited cut-outs

BTB Air Tool Air Supply Options

The WK10HD is a small but superior powered air tool for everyday use and is recommended for workshop or heavy-duty use.

The BTB WK10HD Air Tool consumes a small volume of air and is generally powered via a workshop air supply, OR for portable use in a mobile repair van, simply use a small fully portable air compressor, OR for quiet and total portability, use a bottle of Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) fitted with a pre-set pressure regulator.
hand holding tool

Tool Specifications

E‑Tool Specifications

Free Speed (Cycles Per Minute)


Reciprocal Stroke Length

4 mm [ 1/8" ] (fixed)

Noise at 1 metre

80 dBA

Vibration Emission Value Ahv

8.03 m/s²

Tool Weight

1.3 kg [ 2.87 lb ]

Overall Length (Excluding Lead)

280mm [ 11" ]

Warranty (on Tool)

1 year

Motor Power Output

112 W

Voltage Input

12 V DC

Battery Charger Voltage Input

110-240 V AC

Air Tool Specifications

Free Speed (Cycles Per Minute)


Reciprocal Stroke Length

0 - 6mm [ 1/4" ] (variable)

Noise at 1 metre

77 – 79 dBA

Vibration Emission Value Ahv

7.6 m/s²

Tool Weight

1.15kg [ 2.53 lb ]

Overall Length Excluding Hose

260mm [ 10 ¼" ]

Warranty (on Tool)

2 years

Air Inlet

[ 1/4" NPT ]

Max. Air Pressure

6.2 Bar [ 90 PSI ]

Air Consumption
[ Free Air Delivery ]

60 - 140 Litres /min
[ 2 - 5 CFM ]