Powered Cold Knife Blades

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BTB’s Powered Cold Knife Blades cut underneath the glass edge from outside the vehicle for a fast cut-out similar to a manual cold/pull knife. However, there is no physical force, strain on operator or pressure on glass, because the BTB power tool does all the cutting work, more efficiently and far safer for the vehicle and yourself. Due to the reciprocating in-line blade action, these thin and smoothly polished blades can operate between most close fitted glass and pinchwelds without damage to painted pinchweld wall.

Reverse profile ‘R’ ORANGE blades are for saving expensive encapsulated glasses. They are designed to cut with the flat side of the blade against the pinchweld of vehicle body panel and underneath the encapsulated moulding. Also can be used to assist in the removal of panoramic roof glass / frames.


  • Always start using the shortest blade tip available, then progress to longer blade tip if required.
  • If the adhesive is set further back from the glass edge, BTB recommends an internal cut method using Standard Straight, ‘Z’ or Bent blades OR if exposed edge glass, use WK4ZR-S reverse blade from outside vehicle