Spade Blades

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For cutting from inside vehicle, these blades provide precise stability and control with their 40mm wide flat surface resting on the glass or panel. These blades use the same depth control arms as other BTB blades.

Specific Applications

Windshields & Glass Removal
These blades will cut in either direction either by pushing forward or pulling backward against serrated edges. Their wide tip is also great for separating glass locator pins and remaining adhesive stringers hidden behind black frit/band.

Body Mouldings, Emblems & Badges
The Non-serrated WK18Z & WK19L blades allow quick, simple and damage free removal of mouldings, bump strips, decals and emblems, including thin and delicate nameplates. Their wide, flat, and smooth surface slides freely against a painted panel, causing no damage to paint or part.

Cutting Depth Control
BTB’s exclusive cutting depth control arms also apply to Spade Blades.