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Many glass removals, most specifically if undamaged and to be re-installed, may require different or a combination of cut-out techniques. BTB’s precise, smart and versatile air or battery powered system allows you to cut the adhesive:

  • using no stress or force,
  • from outside the vehicle,
  • from inside of the vehicle,
  • against the glass surface, or
  • against the pinchweld/panel surface, avoiding contact with the encapsulation

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Long flexible blades easily REACH URETHANE BELOW DASHBOARDS including double beads and difficult adhesives on side and back glasses.

Cut from outside vehicle with POWERED COLD KNIFE BLADES for a fast cut-out without physical force to the glass or technician’s limbs.

PRECISE CUTTING from INSIDE VEHICLE with BLADE DEPTH CONTROL ARMS for user confidence and protection of painted surfaces.

For ANY CURVED GLASSES, thin flexible blades follow the contour of the curved glass.

Small light-weight and versatile power tool is excellent for removing SMALL & DIFFICULT GLASSES.

CUT AGAINST PINCHWELD from inside vehicle and underneath the moulding to save and RE-USE EXPENSIVE ENCAPSULATED GLASSES.

Quick and easy ANTI‑SCRATCH PINCHWELD SCRAPER blades leave a thin even layer of adhesive for re-bonding. 

CUT UNDER EDGE OF EXPOSED GLASS OR ENCAPSULATION from outside using a standard blade to cut against either the glass or body panel.