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The BTB System incorporates SIX basic blade types:

  • Standard Straight Blades,
  • Standard Bent Blades,
  • Standard ‘Z’ Blades,
  • Standard ‘Spade’ Blades,
  • Powered Cold Knife Blades,
  • Pinchweld Trimming Blades.

Standard Blades

Straight, Bent, Offset and Spade blades provide for a variety of lengths, flexibility, angles and blade tips.

Non-Serrated vs Serrated Tips

Non-Serrated blades can be used in all removal applications.

Serrated “-S” blades provide a faster and more aggressive cut for glass removal.

Blade Length

Extra blade length may be needed to reach adhesive deep below dashboards or in other long reach applications. However, in general, shorter blades provide more cutting control and a long blade should not be used if a short blade does the job.

Colour Coding

YELLOW blades cut with the flat side of the blade tip facing and cutting against the glass surface.
ORANGE reverse blades cut with the flat side of the blade tip facing and cutting against the pinchweld, underneath encapsulated glass mould.
NOTE: ORANGE & BLUE blades have their cutting tips bent opposite to YELLOW blades.
GREEN and BLUE blades are a double bevelled safety-edge version of YELLOW and ORANGE blades respectively.


Flexible blades are simply ground thinner, allowing the blade to bend and follow the contour of curved glasses.

Spade Blades

BTB’s Spade blades provide safe and superior control with their 40mm wide blade and cutting edge resting against the glass or panel surface.

Push them forward to cut with the wide face or
pull them backward to cut with the serrated side.

Non-serrated versions are great for removing body side mouldings, emblems & nameplates.

Powered Cold Knife Blades

BTB’s Powered Cold Knife Blades cut out a glass from outside the vehicle the same as a manual cold/pull knife. There is no strain on operator or physical force required because the BTB power tool does all the cutting work, more efficiently and safer for the vehicle and yourself.

Pinchweld Trimming Blades

BTB’s exclusive anti-scratch trimming blades can be easily re-sharpened. With their superior quality and robust design they are made to last.