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BTB’s WK6 range of winged non-scratch Pinchweld Trimming Blades allow easy and safe removal of excess adhesive. They have a special and distinct radius grind cutting edge to the underside, extending up the vertical wing on each side, which avoids any damage to painted pinchwelds, including the vertical pinchweld wall, and which leaves a thin even layer of adhesive on the pinchweld for re‑bonding.

Flat Pinchweld Trimming Blades: Like the winged blades, flat WK6 blades include an underside radius grind. They are good for general trimming applications.

Long Pinchweld Trimming Blade: These blades provides longer reach and greater clearance.

Regular Profile Trimming Blades: These pinchweld trimming blades and kits cater for ALL of your adhesive trimming requirements.

Narrow Profile Trimming Blades: These narrow profile blades provide better clearance when working up closely against the raised section on vehicle Roof Panels, A-Pillars and Trims/Fittings.

  • BTB’s WK6 blades can be used in the WK7 manual handles or power tools
  • WK6 blades are excellent for removing urethane embedded with shattered glass.
  • Auto Body repairers can use these for body deadener, hemlock and seam seals.