BTB E-Tool 7 Blade Classic Auto Glass Specialist Toolkit


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BTB™ E-Tool™ Classic 7 Blade Auto Glass Specialist Toolkit

This Mobile E-Tool kit contains an assortment of serrated non-serrated blades to easily remove modern vehicle glasses, including laminated encapsulated style glasses. Includes adjustable cutting depth control arms.


Power Tool: E-Tool, 12V Battery in Carry Bag, Charger

Blades: WK2-S, WK3, WK24Z-S, WK24ZR-S, WK27M, WK28M, WK6-M

Cutting Depth Control Arms: WK11AW, WK11BW5, WK11CW, WK11FW

Accessories: WK7, WK8DSM, WK9, WK9B, WK11VEL, WK20, WKGA

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