BTB Air Tool 15 Blade Bus, Truck and Rail Toolkit


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BTB Air Tool 15 Blade Bus, Truck and Rail Toolkit

For the bus, truck, rail and commercial industries, this tool kit is suited to removal of adhesive bonded glass and bonded panels on today’s transport fleets.

The kit includes external and internal cutting blades, as well as blades to easily remove adhesive backfill from between glasses.

Adjustable cutting depth control arms regulate cutting depth.



Kit Contents

Power Tool: WK10HD Heavy Duty Air Tool

Blades: WK1-S, WK1X, WK2-S, WK4Z-S, WK4ZR-S, WK4-S, WK5-S, WK27S, WK27M, WK27L, WK28S, WK28M, WK28L, WK6-L, WK6-40

Cutting Depth Control Arms: WK11BW5, WK11DW5, WK11EW

Accessories: WK7, WK7L, WK8DSM, WK9, WK9B, WK11VEL, WK20, WKGA

Packaging: Sturdy Plastic Carry Box

Training Package: User Manual, Online Videos



BTB Bus, Truck and Rail Glass Removal Guidelines

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